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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

what about the sick

So this weekend I was sick, yes that is the second time I have been sick in a period of a month. I started to feel sick on Friday and right after work I went right to bed. I literally was in bed the whole time unless I was up to have something to eat which was not very often. As i was in bed I had an interesting thought, well as interesting as you can have when you are sick and on cold pills. I wondered what do you do when you are sick and cannot workout and keep up your routine?

I guess this question wouldn't haunt me so much if it weren't for that damn Wii. I love the Wii! It is a great way to keep up with your workouts, monitor your weight and keep yourself motivated. I wonder about the motivation part though. I guess you can be motivate if you feel the unrelenting urge to prove to the little damn Wii board that you are not "obese" as he says in his tiny voice. This board person is a wii board with each corner of it serving as either an arm or a leg to make it appear more human. Could it also be motivating when you don't show up on the Wii for three days and it says that it forgot who you are? And aren't I the schmuck who goes back to my profile to make sure I clicked on the right Mii. Haha very funny wi board! You got me, even electronics  can make funnies.

So anyway I am trying to use the Wii more and more to help keep myself honest and on track. I just wish that the wii board would be a bit kinder to me. Maybe instead of saying "that's obese" and my mii hanging her head in shame.... maybe we could say "that's really big boned" and having my mii put her hand on her hip with attitude? At least then we could keep some dignity. But don't get me wrong. I do enjoy using the machine and find it fantastic. I just like to think about the little things. This is what gets me into trouble....

So tonight I bought Just Dance 2 and tried it out. I am excited because this seems like a lot of fun. I can dance and then count my time in my Wii fit program. Maybe later I will buy a workout one and a Zumba one. Go Wii board and your little "that's obese" phrase too!!!!


  1. Good for you! :) Let me know how you like Just Dance... I need something to exercise to and I bet my sons would love it too!
    Sorry you were sick. :(

  2. I love it, it is so much fun. The boys will dig it big time!