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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Said Yes to the Dress

Well today was the first start to getting married. I have been engaged for 6 years and we just decided it was time. If we don't we will come up with excuses after excuses and we will never get married. So many  reasons brought this to a head. My grandpa is 94 years old and helped raise me. I want o make sure he is able to see me walk down and aisle. Secondly I have had a lower self-esteem  in the past and haven't taken good care of myself. I want to change that and not look back.

So here we are. Today I went out with my 3 girlfriends from work. Unfortunately my maid of honor isn't here but in Minnesota but I am communicating with her via text and everything. We went dress shopping. I have to admit at first I was not excited. I was not looking forward to it because I hate look at myself and I hate dresses. It just seemed not that exciting. Plus I always wanted to be thin for my wedding and I am obviously not. But if I wait too long who knows what will happen.

The girls were so excited. We went out to brunch and it was fabulous. The food was amazing which is ironic because here I am looking for dresses and eating a buffet brunch. But I was ok with that. We ate and then made our way to the shop. I wasn't hopeful to find much because first of all dresses are so expensive. I figured we would go to David's Bridal and find something and then look for something somewhere that is the same or close to it.

I like to plan and so before I went I went online at David's Bridal and took out some pictures that I liked of dresses from the website. I walked in with papers in hand and the girls just went for it. They ran over to my size section and started pulling out dresses. It was amazing because they were looking for me and would show me things. I was shocked because I didn't have to do a lot of work on my own. We kept finding dresses. We found I think most of the dresses I had seen on the website and even more. They kept jumping up and down waiting for a room to open up for me. It was so sweet. Yet I wasn't yet excited. I saw all of these beautiful women in thin pretty gowns. I was expecting much.

Once we got back there the game was on. I got a nice strapless bra  that goes partially down to the waist and a slip. After that, it was go for the dresses. We would try one on and then I would come out and get pictures taken. The most amazing part was hearing the oooo's and the awwww's. People were saying I was beautiful. Me? I even had one woman come up to me and tell me how beautiful I looked. I couldn't believe it. A woman I didn't even know telling me how pretty I looked. After that my spirits went up.

I am not big or good at making decisions. I often cave in and go with majority. However, the ladies were awesome at making sure it was all MY decision. I tried on 8 dresses I think. I was shocked at how one look at the mirror and it was "Nope, not this one." Dress number 2,3,4 and 8 were my favorite. Oh man it was tiring but still fun because people were pampering me and smiling and exited. This made me so happy and feeling special. So after I tried on all of them I looked at the four pictures I had of the dresses. I nixed dresses 2 and 3. They were beautiful but just didn't look as good as dress 4 and 8.  Each time I sent a picture to Melissa to update her on what was going on. She was so supportive. So it was down to two dresses. Lisa, Michelle and Teri liked dress number 4 and Melissa liked dress 8. As I looked at the dress and myself I just felt that number 4 was what I wanted. I felt beautiful and loved the way it felt and looked. So boom there we have it.

Now let's talk price. Oh the topic I hate. So this was the LAST day of the Bridal gown special. The two dresses were around the same price and about I think $450 and I got it a lot cheaper than that and it was beautiful. I mean it was awesome and totally in my budget. I was elated and so were the ladies. I thought how lucky I was. Here I thought I would just look and I find a dress the first time looking, in one afternoon and on sale. Lucky me!

As we left I felt so pretty and special. But yet it still hasn't hit me. I mean I keep thinking about it and I felt wonderful but not there yet. As it comes closer I know it will change. In the mean time i need to maintain my workouts and watching what I eat. The ladies have lots of ideas and I am hopeful but still a lot to do... :-)

Sorry guys although I want post a picture I can't, it is a surprise.

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