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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Beginning Steps to a Wedding

Well all, tomorrow I make my first initial attempt at starting to get a wedding going. I am going with m friends to look at dresses. I am very excited well kind of. I kind of don't want to see myself in white as I haven't lost much weight but.. it can be exciting too. I hope that I can find something I like and that fits in my budget. I have 3 of my friends coming and then my maid of honor standing by the phone to view the pictures too. My best friend Melissa lives in Minnesota and so she isn't nearby and I really value her opinion. I am nervous. It will be weird to be doing this and not showing Josh what I like. So we will see how it goes.

Right now we are thinking around April to June but haven't pinpointed a location yet. It kind of depends on what we can afford which isn't a lot right now. Next weekend we are going to a bridal show and will see what they have to offer. We just can't go crazy. I already know the color which actually is just one color. Are you supposed to have 2? I just want lavender as it is so beautiful and purple is my favorite anyway. Flowers are going to be bought at Micheal's I think and then getting plates and stuff from Party City. Then I have my Ipod to blast music and have fun with.

This is just bits here and bits there so it will come together. i also think I will send out invitations through the Internet like evite or something.... So much to do but kind of fun.

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