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Monday, January 3, 2011

grandpa birthday visit

I just got home from seeing my grandfather at the rehab center. It was scary at first, because when I went into his room I saw him lying on the bed but his body was covered , like what they do when someone passes away. I walked over to him and I was scared to touch him as I didn't know what happened. I called his name and I finally heard him say something. It turned out that the window was open and it was really cold and he covered his own face. We talked for a good 45 min. or so and I wish him a happy it was really hard to understand him because he talks very slow and I think he starts to get confused as to what he was saying because he forgets it after a while. So we chatted and he told me about his day and how people said happy birthday to him. After a while he was tired and it was time for dinner so I wished him a happy birthday again. So in all it was a pleasant visit, although it didn't start off on a very good note.

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