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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Zach is still not feeling well. We have bouts Uncontrollable crying and

it is absolutely heartbreaking. We manage to do a little tummy time today, and he's getting better at that. However, he doesn't like it very much.

Brooke Richardson

Friday, March 29, 2013



Sunday, February 17

Today we went shopping for more stuff that we needed for the room. We went to Babies R Us and Target. It can be a very overwhelming experience. I think for now we have enough but then something always comes up that makes me think we should have gotten this or should have gotten that. I am hoping that we have enough clothes and linens for the time being. I am washing the last of them now. Next step is to get the room ready :-)

Brooke Richardson

Trying to blog and use Facebook

I downloaded an app that should let me blog and post to Facebook at the same time. I'm trying it out right now to see if it works.

Brooke Richardson