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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

The time has come to put the past behind us and to focus on the time ahead. To clear our hearts and minds of the bad and hurtful and to open them up to the good that is all around us. Tonight before the new year started, I wrote some letters and then burned them. It is supposed to cleanse your heart and soul and mind. What you do is write letters to whomever you need or want to. Then when the time comes you take those letters and burn them up. This takes all the stuff you wrote and puts it into the universe to help cleanse yourself and to start anew. I have never done it before but I thought I would try since this year has been so trying for all of us. It was weird writing down my notes to people, getting out anything and everything I needed to say and then seeing those words be consumed and then go up in flames. It did make me feel better.

I also wrote some resolutions for the new year. I am hoping I will be more successful with them then I have been in the past. I want to be able to lose some weight and to work on my business. another goal is for Josh and I to get married. I remember when I was younger I wanted to have a big wedding and everything. Now I can't see how it is realistic to do that due to time and money. Plus that doesn't matter to me anymore. I would be happy with just a small wedding and a fun reception. Nothing fancy or exciting, just us and our friends and family having fun. We shall see. A big part of it too is I want to lose some weight, just cause that is a goal of mine.

Right now we are at Josh's sister's home in Port Orchard. We had sometime to eat and then had a few drinks. After that we played Just Dance on the Wii. I had never tried it before and it was a lot of fun. It kind of reminds me of Dance Dance Revolution only without the pads to step on. Boy was it a workout. I think I might try to get that and make it part of my workout routine during the week. I mean you gotta love dancing.

Then we played some game and waited for the ball to drop. Don't worry we were nice and loud with our noise makers. It was great. Josh and I hugged one another and gave each other a kiss. We promised that this year would be better.

So tomorrow Josh is going to get a tat. This will be his second  one within the year. He had one done in April. This time he is getting a tat to tribute his father. It will be very special for him, a way to heal. I will have to let you know how it turns out. I think he is excited. I kind of wish that I could get one too as I like getting tats. I have 2 already and they are awesome. However this is his time and my present to him.

So in closing I wish all the people out there who read my blog (hahaha) Happy New Year! May this year be all that you want and make it to be!!!

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