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Monday, August 8, 2011

grandpa's house

Okay so the recap of the last couple weeks event. We decided to sell grandpa's house because an investor was interested in it. After looking at other houses in the areas my real estate agent came up with a number and he was okay with that and so now we're in the process of getting things together so we can sign. So for the past couple weekends we have been going to the house every weekend and going through everything. We got Josh's sister to come up and she helped us. There was stuff everywhere and he kept almost everything. From old shoes to pens . So this last weekend we finally had the garage sale.

Friday was probably the craziest day. We had an appraiser come in early we thought to look at pretty much anything that we thought could be of value. Well we hoped he would be able to look at everything. Unfortunately he was very specific as to what he wanted and so we weren't able to get much of any information from him. So we started this sale at 12, well that was the plan. The appraiser and us got there at 10. Someone started to come in at 10:30 to start shopping at our garage sale. Unfortunately we let them in and that just began the hurricane of people.

When we first started the project, we decided to put all trash in this huge pile or make a pile in the back yard. Anything that was trash we just threw into a pile. This was anywhere from papers to broken things to just garbage. Well not long after the sale began, probably around maybe 12 we looked outside and people were in the garbage pile . They were actually digging through the pile to find stuff. Now Josh had put up the sign over the patio part that said free. I guess they assumed that meant the pile too. After watching them, I then decided well if they're going to go digging then maybe we should get something out of it since this was technically still our stuff. So I grabbed some garbage bags and I went outside. I told them that if they filled up the garbage bag they could pay five dollars for whatever was in it. everybody just stopped what they were doing. Then they slowly got up, and backed away from the pile. It was Hilarious. Then after maybe a couple minutes they grabbed a bag and started diggin.

more to come....

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