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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Clark county fair

Today Josh and I went to the Clark County Fair for the first time since we have lived in Vancouver. I think that would be seven years now. Hard to believe we waited so long huh? Anyway we got a late start today as Josh worked until late in the morning. We decided to take the shuttle bus there and I am so glad that we did. It saved on not only gas but time and also headaches.

When we got there we went into the exhibition/vendor area. I always like going to these because I love to buy things. Of course I need to monitor myself but it is fun to look regardless. We saw a lot of vendors there but unfortunately it wasn't that exciting. I do get irritated with vendors and all of the ways they try to sell you on things. The ones who jump out at you and push their product are one of the most annoying ones. Or what about the ones who try to be all sweet and play the nice card. e had one lady try to sell us stuff because she was telling us the hard story of how horrible sales have been. Lastly there are the assholes who act like assholes. They jump in front of you and push. Even when you say no they still push you and don't let go. The one thing I wasn't expecting was to see so many different religious groups there with booths. Not that I have anything wrong with that but I just always saw those areas as those for vendors. There were a lot of signs asking if you were going to heaven or things like that. It always makes me uncomfortable to have people come up to me about that because I just don't think anyone should push their values on others. This is MY personal opinion. The way I see it, let those believe what they want to believe. It is their life and their choice. All I can worry about is myself and my beliefs.

Anyway continuing on with our day... Josh ended up getting a legal butterfly knife (which I picked out the handle design) and in that area I didn't get anything :-( Well not because I didn't want to but I was trying to be real careful with how I spent my money. I did find this great little booth with purses where you can interchange the pieces. I really wanted one of those for my ipad but wasn't sure if it would fit. I got their card so I can check it out online. It is called Miche Bag. I will let you know how the research goes. I also came across a book booth which I LOVE kids books so I really wanted to buy from there and was planning on going to but we ran out of time on our way back :-(. I did manage to buy some cool sunglasses though so Josh and I both came out with something :-) Oh and the place where Josh bought his butterfly knife had these cool cases that are meant for cigarettes but you can put your business cards and other stuff in them. Well I was looking at one that had this button. I kept pushing it and couldn't figure out what it did. Well I found out it had a light on it and burned my pointer finger a bit. I found out late that Josh burnt his too but he didn't want to say anything. I felt like a big baby and pretty stupid.

We then had some dinner (small) which consisted of a Gyro (sp?) for Josh and a meatball sub for me. The sub was awesome but Josh didn't care for the Gyro that much. Then we kind of meandered around the area and headed to where the livestock were. We saw this huge pig with about 8 little piglets around her trying to get food. They were so cute they would oink and then chase after each other trying to play. It was the cutest thing to see them playing with one another. Then we saw this baby goat who was on top of those plastic play structures that you can buy. It was so soft and loved to be touched. It just stood there and let you pet it and had this look of content on it's face. We also took a peak in the "Wild" section where there was a crocodile, porcupine, snakes, and some different kinds of felines but I cannot remember their names. I did however get a great video of a baby Bengal tiger playing with a box and it's blanket. It was so cute to watch and it was having a lot of fun entertaining itself.

It started to get a bit dark so we headed over to the rides. We walked by "Boppin Bo's Burgers" and saw my co-worker Sean there. We dropped by and said hi and commended him on how hard he was working. He had been working there for 10 days straight from start to end and was beat. After saying quick hellos and goodbyes we then bought some ride tickets and walked into the danger zone.

First Josh had to win me a prize. We chose the balloon busting booth where he popped 3 balloons out of 4 and won me a teddy bear. The bear is now known as Clark (get it, Clark County). Then we headed to the rides

Our first experiment was on the Scrambler. Ok my legs must have shrunk or the ride is higher up because it was almost impossible to jump in that thing. I made it finally but man I had to leap into it. I felt so bad for Josh because he was in the spot that gets the most pressure when you go around and around. I was trying so hard not to ram him as we went around but I couldn't help it. We must be getting old because we both didn't remember it ever going that fast. Yikes!

Next stop was the ferris wheel which is normally not my thing. I don't like heights and if I do have to go up high then I like to be in a more confined space where I can feel that I am secure. Well we got in the car but it was circular so there was a lot of room. Josh sat on the opposite side of me which was totally freaking me out because he wasn't right beside me. Before he could move over we started going up and I was really anxious. We went around several times but it didn't get better. Finally he moved over but then the cart started to tilt. This freaked me out more and so he moved back to where he had been. Poor guy, I guess I wasn't that good of a rider on that ride.

Next we went on the, well not sure what it is called. It is like the rock and roller ride at Oaks Park. It is like a carousel but with carts that as you go around they lift up from the force of the spin. We went on that one and it was a lot of fun. Josh was woohooing and I was laughing. It was a bit more bumpy then usual but it was still fun to go around and around. Again, it was faster than I remember. Funny how things change when you are hunger. I wish they wouldn't.

Lastly, we were running low on time but decided to chance one last ride. I hate to admit this but I think it was a kiddy ride but what the hell. It was called "The Windsurfer." You sit on these things that look like windsurfing crafts and you spin around and the crafts move outward. I have always wanted to try these types of rides but have been a bit scared. This got me used to it so maybe next time I will try the adult kind. AHAHAHAh!

Now I really wanted to go on the Gravitron which is where you go inside and the thing goes around so fast it kid of lifts you up from the force. Josh in no way wanted to that one and I was too chicken to go by myself. Maybe I can find the courage to do it myself next time.

After the last ride it was 10:45pm and we headed to the shuttle area. There were several shuttles leaving from there to various areas in Vancouver. The one we were on was jammed pack that there was no standing room left. Thankfully after about ten minutes waiting, the shuttle didn't leave until 11pm, another shuttle was called in to take some of the passengers. So Josh and I hopped off the full one and sat leisurely in the other one. We even got to the mall before the other bus did. The whole ride took about 12 minutes. I mean if we had driven in our car we would still had been in traffic trying to get out of the park grounds. It was definitely the best way to go!

Needless to say we are tired but in a good way. We were still pretty hungry and so we ordered a pizza and watched a movie. It was nice to do something fun for a change since we have been doing so much work.

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