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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

new location maybe

So because my wedding date has changed we are contemplating a different location for the wedding. We decided that it's going to be best if we have the wedding at a time where I don't have to worry about work. So it looks like it will be sometime in late June or early July. Usually at that time of the year is pretty nice outside, so we thought about maybe having it at one of the lakes nearby. one of our coworkers was married at the lake and it was beautiful. So I decided to go check it out look online see what information I could find out. It sounds like a pretty cool idea, but I need to confirm some dates see what options are available and how much it costs. Then after that once I have a few dates in mind, talk with Josh and try to find a good time that we can do this. I'm thinking it'll probably be maybe July 8 or something. I will keep you posted

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  1. Oh boo. None of my family will be able to come if it's on July 8th. We already have something planned that can't be changed. :(