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Sunday, February 6, 2011

day three after surgery

I think it's now day three after surgery. Going in I had I believe some morphine and some other or relax and take sedation medicine. Now they have me on Percocet and 600 mg I think of Motrin or ibuprofen. I am kind of in and out of it. I can't really lay on my left side because it's my left wrist that I have the surgery on. When I came out of surgery I found this huge dump on my left hand. So I can't move it at all I can move the fingers a little bit and the thumb, but that's about it. It's not like a cast it's like this big bandage that goes probably three fourths of the way up my forearm. And I know it has like this steel metal thing in it so that I can't really bend it. So needless to say I can't really do anything with that wrist or really hand at all

So doing anything is pretty much impossible. In fact, the only reason I am blogging is because I am using a dictation software on my iPhone. That's the cool part about an iPhone or really technology nowadays. It makes it so that not much is impossible. However I still have to be somewhat loose it and order for my posting to make sense. Right now I'm not so much in pain but very uncomfortable. However I took a Percocet couple of hours ago and so probably still feeling the effects of that. I'm not one to medicate myself very often and I don't really like to so I am pretty conservative when it comes to pain medication. Anyway I'm pretty uncomfortable most of the time because I can't really do anything with it. So it makes a lot of everyday chores and work pretty impossible. The worst part right now besides it being uncomfortable is the fact that it itches. I can't do anything about it which drives me nuts. I guess it's good I can't do much with it. I think I remember last time doing a lot more with my right hand when I probably shouldn't have. So I really have to take care of it. Unfortunately I have to keep this big thing on my left hand until Thursday. Hopefully I can stay seen until then.

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