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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Dinner

My grandpa is in a rehab home right now because he became really sick and lost a lot of ability to walk. So we were excited to have him come to our house and have Christmas Dinner with him. I was a bit hesitant because I wasn't sure if he could make it, even if only for a few hours.

My mom was coming over too and so Josh and I along with my mom and grandpa were going to have a Christmas dinner. This would be the first time in a long time we could all eat Christmas dinner together. We were holding out that Grandpa and my mom could make it, even though my mom complained of being ill on Wednesday. We were hoping all would work out.

So Josh and I got all of the food we needed for the dinner. We got turkey, stuffing, biscuits. gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, cranberry sauce and cake. Just a side note, Josh and I hate cranberry sauce but we got some for Grandpa and my Mom.

We were supposed to get the Turkey in by 10am but we slept in a little later than anticipated. But thanks to our new roaster oven I wasn't too worried about it because that thing is a miracle worker. So we got it in around noon which was fine. By that time I hadn't heard from my mom and so I was reconsidering the game plan. Could we handle getting him into a chair and hen into the house? What if we hurt him on accident. If, by some change my mom doesn't come can we manage helping him  with him being so weak?

So we played some video games and hung out waiting to hear from my mom to see what her plans were, if she was feeling better. I called and texted numerous time but no response. I had gotten sick toward the beginning of the week and i was sick and couldn't do anything. So I called my grandpa's place. Well I called my grandpa first. He couldn't hear me at all, and I had to identify myself several times because he forgot. After that attempted phone conversation I decided to call the place itself and talk to a nurse. My original plan was to ask grandpa what would he prefer to do. So i called and talked to the nurse who said he thought it would be better for us to just come to him.

So since we hadn't heard from my mom we decided to grab the food and take a plate to him before we ate. So we made up a plate, grabbed some sparkling cider and grabbed some presents and cards and headed out the door. It was really pouring outside and there were an unusual number of cars on the road.

When we got to the rehab home we met him in his room. He was looking so tired and ragged and I was so relieved that we hadn't decided to pick him up and bring him to the house. He ate the meal and enjoyed a glass of cider. After he was done eating we gave him his cards that had come into the mail for him from other family. i read him the cards, showed him pictures and we talked about the people. when I grabbed my card and read it to him he began crying. His face crinkled up and his eyes became sparkly. It was both touching and heartbreaking. To see my grandfather, a tough and strong man who raised me, crying is always tough for me. I told him I loved him and he was a blessing to me and we were so happy to have him with us for the holidays.

After the cards he opened his presents which I think he was happy to receive. He had wanted a shaver and a nice bi alarm clock and that is what we got. I got the big number clock from a convention in November for people with ow vision. I think it will turn out to be very beneficial for him.

After the presents we said our goodbyes and told him we loved him. He was very happy that we came. When we came home we sat down to a huge table of food and only the two of us to eat it. It was sooooo good though and we have tons of leftovers.

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