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Monday, May 9, 2011

food for wedding thought

Things have been going so fast. I think we have 48 maybe now 47 days until the wedding. Starting to feel the pressure and trying to figure out how every thing can fit together. Our biggest obstacle at this point is money. We don't have a lot of it and are using a good chunk of it toward getting pictures taken and what not. Saturday we went to Costco to get an idea about the food. I was so freaked out because everything is an arm and leg. So if you have 75 people and you want to get a platter and you have to get three platters about $90. That is just a platter.
He did get silverware plates cops things to drink. it adds up and by the time you add it all up you're spending a fortune. I don't know really what the best answer is at this point. I think were going to go with a buffet and a potluck. That way people can bring something they like and we can all share and celebrate. Hopefully it's not considered tacky or rude. a lot of people talk about this as a good option and I hope it is. Several people talked about chicken and other people bring like salads and stuff like that. I read somewhere that if you can't afford to feed your guests then you probably should cut your list. I understand that but the other part is that I want these people to be involved and I don't want to exclude someone because we can't afford to feed everybody. I don't know if that makes any sense or not but it's how I feel. Don't even talk about the cake. Josh and I are just going with a couple Costco cakes. I'm not trying to make this sound like we're settling. I don't want it to be fancy shmancy or some cheap little shindig. I just wanted it to be nice and fun. That's my biggest concern is for it to be fun and reflect Josh and I. But of course money is an issue and so we have to plan accordingly. I think I worry too much.

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