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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mia's surgery day

Josh took Mia in yesterday morning around 7:30am. He said it was so sad because Mia always loves to go places. She was all excited right up until he opened the door to the vet. As soon as she saw it she turned around and headed for the other direction. This has been pretty common ever since she was fixed a few years ago. When the tech came out to get her she pulled and pulled and pulled. She has a harness on because she will choke herself if left to do so. The tech told Josh to close the door to the back area when they were clear from the door. Josh did so and then he heard this THUNK sound at the door. Mia came bursting out and ran toward him. She had hit the door so hard it popped open. The tech said "man she is fast." She then started trying to get her back. Mia then went on the ground with her belly and started to try to swim away :-) Josh said it was so funny and yet sad at the same time.

The vet tech called around 1pm to tell us everything went fine and she was recovering well. They even said that we could bring her home the same day. We were thrilled that everything went well but scared because keeping Mia quiet is like trying not to let a fish swim. I mean it is impossible. The vet said we need to keep her quiet for 10 days! Are they kidding! I asked them for some meds to help make her sleepy because she is so stubborn that it is impossible.

We picked her up about 4:30 and she was very awake. The doc had originally prescribed us benedryl but i told them that was not going to work at all. So they gave us something more. Getting her in the car was so difficult. It is right under her arm pit kind of and it is hard to grab her and not grab that area. Of course she is trying to jump and move around and that only makes it worse. She was crying the whole way home. I was just so upset to see her in pain. I got her right home and put her in her crate where she could be safe and warm. I then got out her antibiotics, pain meds, and sedation meds. I gave them all to her and she was knocked out.

It turned out to be a good thing because as predicted she wanted to be all over the place and it was so hard to keep her calm and not jumping out of my arms. We went outside later and she didn't do anything which I understood. Then later we tried again and tried to sit on the couch. Of course this lasted only a bit and then she was antsy and just wanted back in her bed.

So tonight I am without a Mia in the bed. She is downstairs in her crate because I didn't want to move her or carry her upstairs and risk the chance of dropping her. I miss her already. i love that little one.

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